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Young Adults Self-Employment Conference, London

The Conference is being organized by Africa 2000 and Nigeria National Youth Award (NNYA) to discuss the high level of unemployment amongst our young adults including graduates. Young adults are full of energy and are the drivers of economic development in any country. Not to tap this great potential is an economic waste that can undermine a countrys social stability.

Therefore, the aim of this conference is to promote youth entrepreneurship as a source of job creation, youth empowerment and a resource that will form the bedrock of Nigerias industrial development.

Highlight of the conference are talks and visits that cover the following areas;

  • Unemployment in Nigeria
  • Supporting entrepreneurship
  • Unemployment and Crime
  • Physically challenged persons and employment
  • Fighting Poverty through Trade
  • A retailers perspective Requirements for businesses exporting into the UK / EU.

Who is this Conference for?
Youth Leaders, State Youth Development Officers, Special Advisers to Governors on Youth Matters,Coordinators of Youth Projects, Policy Makers and Directors of Ministries of Youth Affairs, Members ofLegislative HouseCommitteeson Youth Matters.

Conference Date: November 22nd - 30th, 2011

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