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  • Well being Programme

Health and social welfare projects are run under this programme.

  • 10 pin Bowling (UK) - Health Promotion

This is a keep fit programme for older Africans (age 65 and above) in London. It encourages people of this age group to undertake light exercise, socialise and avoid living in isolation. Due to the nature of the activities of this programme, events are open to older people of all ethnic groups.

We run 10 - Pin Bowling programmes for Older

  • The games are open to people of all
    ethnic backgrounds.
  • The programme helps older persons to
    socialise and reduce isolation.
  • It provides them the opportunity to engage in a light physical activity
  • Light physical activity can prevent or reduce the effect of illnesses like arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis and asthma.
  • Outreach

This programme assists older Africans (aged 65 and above) in the UK in matters relating to their state entitlements, housing and welfare.

  • Stay focused (UK)

A programme for young persons of African origin in the UK to stay out of crime and remain in education particularly through their teenage years.

  • Giveback (UK and Nigeria)

Africa 2000 partners with Federal Government of Nigeria's National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) to encourage diaspora Nigerians to help their communities in Nigeria.

  • Education Programme

Global Citizenship studies (GCS) in Schools Curriculum.

This is an education programme that calls for the introduction of GCS in primary and secondary schools in sub Saharan Africa. It teaches pupils amongst other things, their rights and responsibilities as citizens, the principles and ideals of democracy and governance.

Africa 2000 is commi ed to supporting initiatives and executing projects aimed at
eradicating poverty in Africa.

Africa 2000 is working for a uniform GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION to be made
compulsory in primary and secondary education in sub-Saharan Africa. This will help young Africans to become better informed citizens aware of their rights and responsibilities. It aims to bridge the gaps that exist between people and communities and emphasises diversity as a reality of the global village we all live in and end inter-community violence.

Africa 2000 is commied to providing the following in all its project communities

  • School modernisation
  • School library
  • computer facilities and computer literacy programmes
  • Pre-school education

    ‘Education is not a way to escape poverty - It is a way of fighting it’: Julius Nyerere

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