Africa 2000
2012 -2014
frica 2000 is a UK registered independent, non- governmental, not-for-profit organisation. It was founded by Africans who believe that development in Africa is not only necessary, it is overdue. It was registered in the UK as an NGO in 2004 and as a UK charity in 2006. The organisation is registered in Nigeria as Africa 2000 Charity Foundation. Africa 2000 stands for Africa in this millennium. It was set up to explore ways of tackling poverty in Africa and amongst Africans in the UK. It adopts the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as a basis for the framework of its activities. Main Objects of Africa 2000 For the benefit of the public in Africa and of African descent in the United Kingdom: To relieve poverty and sickness; To promote racial and religious harmony; To develop the capacity and skills of members of socially and economically disadvantaged persons and communities in such a way that they are better able to identify, and help meet, their needs and participate more fully in society; To relieve any charitable need of elderly people Mission Statement Africa 2000 seeks to contribute to the development of Africa and Africans by executing projects that promote sustainable development and ultimately eradicate poverty. We also seek change by working with a network of partners involved in campaigns, debates and issues aimed at positive development of Africans and Africa. Where we are The head office of Africa 2000 is in London. Africa 2000 has a country office in Nigeria and is registered in Nigeria as Africa 2000 Charity Foundation. The main country office is in Lagos from where it monitors its projects and liaises with communities to identify areas of need. Plans are underway to open a zonal office in Abuja.
How we work Africa 2000 carries out its activities in form of projects. As would be expected, most of these poverty alleviation projects are in Africa. However, Africa 2000 also looks at poverty issues amongst Africans in the UK. Why Africa 2000 was founded. Africa is synonymous with poverty in its different forms, conflicts, political instability and other humanitarian and environmental catastrophes. Some of these can be attributed to natural causes which impede Africas growth potentials. However, a larger part is man made and is therefore avoidable. Also, the physical and psychological effects of natural disasters can be greatly reduced in communities that have the necessary infrastructures and logistics in place. Many believe that development is an evolutionary process, while others think that a revolutionary process is the answer. Whichever is preferred, Africa 2000 believes that the process of development in Africa needs to be catalysed. Africa 2000 therefore wishes to be one of the many catalysts for peaceful and positive change in Africa.
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