Unwene is the founder and director of Synergyteam Limited, a product and  service company that operates in the UK and Ireland. He studied Business  Management in England and specialise in business start-ups and nurturing them  through growth stage. Promise also has a passion for community work and  voluntary sector organisations. He served in AfeAnnang, now AtiAnnang UK & Ireland, a  community organisation as a general secretary for over four years and as its Public Relations  Officer for two years. During this time, Promise played a vital part in implementing the  organisation’s community development and wellbeing programmes such as supplying medical  equipment to hospitals, food and bedding materials to orphanages and disabled people’s  centres.   His interest in charitable organisations and their humanitarian endeavours also took him to  African Foundation for Development (Afford) where he served on an ad hoc committee for the  mobilisation of Diaspora African organisations within the UK and Ireland. Our task was to  direct African voices and concerns within UK to policy makers and mainstream government.  In 2006, Promise acted as consultant to Nigeria’s OrukAnam Local Government of AkwaIbom  State by partnering with International Foundation for Agriculture and Development (IFAD), an  arm of United Nations in bringing awareness of new crops and improved seedlings to local  farmers in many villages within the local area. Development of fish and pig farming also  started and local farmers have witnessed remarkable improvement to their output of cash  crops like cassava, yam and plantain. This work which is on-going, and has also led to the  rehabilitation of Primary Schools buildings.  Mr Unwene is presently a lead team member for London Borough of Enfield Housing, Health  and Adult Social Care, providing services to adults with learning difficulties.  Promise aims to continue building partnership with reputable organisations with a view to  alleviating poverty, and using business as a tool in enabling sustainable development in Africa. 
... contributing to the development of Africa and Africans
Promise Unwene Trustee (UK) Africa 2000 Coordinator of Young Adult and Disabled Persons Program.
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