is an accountant and a specialist in corporate finance. He was a  career banker and is an experienced Credit Union (Financial Co-  operatives) Consultant. He had much of his financial education and training in England.  He was the first finance advice worker for Birmingham Credit Union Development Agency  (BCUDA) in 1987 and was pivotal to setting up credit union finance system in Birmingham  City. Revd.Adeeko was also the financial controller (1990-1996) of the Association of British  Credit Unions Ltd (ABCUL), the trade association of credit unions in the UK. He was a  volunteer member of the board and served as regional director for London and South East of  England chapter of ABCUL credit unions.  He was hired by London Borough of Islington in April 1997 to set up Islington Council  Employees Credit Unions Ltd. He was the first and pioneer administrator for the Credit Union  in Islington until May 2008.  Rev. Adeeko who is a minister of religion, endowed with a calm diplomatic character has the  ability to communicate with a wide range of people from different cultures in order to alleviate  financial exclusion of poor people through the setting up of a Credit Union having been in the  credit union sector for 42 years (1970 – 2012). 
... contributing to the development of Africa and Africans
Revd. Adeeko
Reverend Femi Adeeko Trustee (UK) Africa 2000 Coordinator of Co-operatives, Micro-finance and Social Enterprise Programme.
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